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The Rule of Nines provides a 9-step simple plan to guide people towards success in the evocation of behavioral changes necessary to succeed in personal goal achievement.  This book takes a unique approach towards goal identification, and provides the reader with the “tools” necessary for success.  Although there are books on the market geared towards goal achievement, there has yet to have been written a book that includes the depth of self-reflection necessary to achieve permanent success.  Unlike the other books on the market, this book has an associated 365-day journal that requires self-reflection and awareness.  It is not based on a physical reward system, but on a personal reward system. The Rule of Nines takes the reader on a personal journey of self-discovery.

Author’s Note
After my 17-year marriage failed, I found myself empty, depressed, anxious, and unable to recognize myself. I no longer knew who I was, what I wanted or didn’t want, what made me happy, what made me sad, or where I was going in life. It was at this point in my life that I embarked on a personal journey of self-discovery.

That personal journey began with the implementation of daily meditation, journaling, positive affirmations, and expressions of gratitude. I began to read as many self-help books as I could get my hands on. I even sought assistance through therapy and spiritual advisors, only to learn that focusing on the past drove me deeper into the rabbit hole of depression.

I thought, “Why am I focusing on the past?”

I came to the realization that I could not change what already occurred, but I did possess the power to change what came next! I began to look within as well as looking out. I became hyper-observant, aware not only of my own thoughts and behaviors but those of the people around me. I began to study their behavior, as well as my own.

My role as a health educator afforded me the opportunity to work with and observe people of all ages, backgrounds, genders, and ethnicities. Every one of them required and desired to make behavioral and lifestyle changes in order to improve their health, eliminate addictions and live longer happier lives. Working with these patients afforded me the opportunity to identify barriers and obstacles to change. I become aware that many of them had become stuck by falling into a subconscious pattern of thinking which led them to act in ways that sabotaged their own efforts to make progress.

I began to both use and to teach the principles of Motivational Interviewing (MI) in an effort to evoke behavioral changes and improve the health outcomes for others. Although these techniques were very effective in evoking change, there was still a missing piece of the puzzle. The missing piece was the “what.” The “what” that came from a mind-body-soul connection that so many of us are lacking.

This book attempts to provide that missing piece of the puzzle by helping to re-establish the mind-body-soul connection. It is this connection that separates The Rule of Nines from all of the other self-help books designed to create behavioral change. As you will learn with further reading, the principles outlined in The Rule of Nines are applicable to absolutely anyone and everyone, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religion.

If you are ready to create positive change in your life, identify and achieve your goals, overcome your addictions, or erase unwanted behaviors, keep reading. The best is yet to come.