Your past does not control your destiny. I am a firm believer in this. Many guests I host on the Love You Live You video podcast embody this idea. Author, entrepreneur, and speaker Connie Pheiff is no exception: Connie is living proof that your past does not control your destiny. This week, I have the fortune of interviewing this incredible women. We start by discussing the tendency women share to be competitive with one another to get ahead, and then we dive deep and learn more about Connie’s life journey.

As an award-winning business owner and speaker, Connie Pheiff has experienced a multitude of successes. From her upbringing fraught with difficulty and abuse, she has blossomed, transformed her thinking, and developed herself into the unstoppable woman she is today. However, Connie is very firm that her success relies on a few deeply important aspects of her life. 

One of the reasons for Connie’s success is failure. Sounds crazy, right? In this week’s podcast, Connie shares her candid experiences growing through failure. Failure is a part of the process in becoming who you want to be and building the life you want.

Another thing Connie can’t emphasize enough? Growing with other people. In our conversation, Connie reveals the foundation of her growth as an entrepreneur: being believed in by someone. Part of this means growing with others! This is why she is a big believer in getting better together and business with heart.

Along with failure, heart, and togetherness, Connie’s secret ingredient for self-love is alone time. Nothing compares to the growth that comes with setting aside time to truly connect with yourself.

I admire Connie for the life she has built for herself, and I hope you gain as much inspiration from our conversation as I did. What are Connie’s recommendations for our listeners this week? Spend some quality alone time with yourself. Grow through your failure. Get better together. 

And remember: Conflict makes us who we are – your past does not control your destiny! 

Love You Live You,