In this week’s podcast episode, I get to converse with the charismatic and high-energy Mark Worster. Mark is a collector of diverse experiences: from being a certified yoga teacher, to promoting cannabis education, to starting his own businesses and organizations. He is an inquisitive and driven human who is full of ideas, and his fervent passion for helping others is the fuel behind his endeavors.

In our conversation, Mark bravely and immediately digs deep with me and the Love You Live You audience. He shares with us about one of the darkest moments in his past during a beautiful afternoon in Boston. In his personal darkness, he finally admitted to himself that he needed to dig deep if he wanted to live. From there, he pursued understanding himself and his patterns, by asking questions such as “Why do I have these recurring issues throughout my life?” Mark generously shares about this inward journey in our podcast episode. He then describes the proactive steps he took to enrich his internal and external lives.

Mark and I also talk about meditation and depression. He advocates for medication to treat depression. However, he also shares that for himself, meditation performs wonders in treating his depression, along with exercise and nutrition. During our chat about meditation and depression, Mark encourages all people to celebrate who they are. He celebrates his depression: Mark accepts and celebrates exactly who he is now!

A last topic we cover is the PTSD that healthcare workers during this Covid-19 pandemic will likely experience in the near future. As a nurse, Mark wants to join these heroic individuals on the front lines by delivering to them mental health care and treatment. Talk about compassion!

I am constantly inspired by Mark’s proactive and joyful nature. I hope you allow his words in our conversation to bless your own inward journey. Enjoy!

Love You Live You,