Do you ever find yourself frustratedly asking the world, “Why aren’t I creative?” You’re not alone! My guest this week is Rene Urbanovich – a creativity guru and speaker, vocal coach, mother, creativist, and author of The Creativity Condundrum. Rene’s life mission to help others simply recognize the creativity they already express in their own lives, and to see how this creativity connects us all.

In my inspiring conversation with her, Rene continually encourages listeners to remember that we are all creative in our own ways. This energy brings us all together. However, we tend to look past the creativity in our lives to focus on the outcome of that creative energy. In other words, we like to focus on the product, not the process. Maybe you have found yourself thinking, “If I won’t write a song that will make money, why write it at all?”

Rene denounces this perspective and tells us to change our thinking: Focus on the creative process, not the product. This is where the joy is!

“Creativity holds all things together – Your creative energies are for the collective. “

Rene and I discuss her inspirations. We touch on the topics of self-care, failure, accountability, and life stages, and she also shares with us about her book, The Creativity Conundrum.

Prepare to be inspired by Rene to become a creative transformer in your own life. Then, get ready to trust and enjoy your own creative process.

Love You Live You,