Sometimes in life, we want to change. We may not experience a traumatic, earth-shattering life event that makes us need a transformation: We simply want to become better. Bronwen Sciortino is an author, speaker, and Simplicity Expert who aims to help individuals embrace their greatness and make their brain a better place to live.

I had the great fortune of chatting with Bronwen in this week’s video podcast. She shares her journey from executive corporate life to the throes of an emotional breakdown after a cancer diagnosis. From within this tumultuous period, Bronwen not only blossomed and began to experience empowerment, but she also began writing and ended up completing her first book, Keep It Super Simple: Tips from a Recovering Perfectionist.

“I was in pieces on the ground, shattered.”

Bronwen reminds me and our listeners to see the humor in our lives, to embrace and soothe the critical voices within, and to absolutely own our greatness. Laugh with me as I learn more about Bronwen’s favorite terms, including “Forehead Slap Moments” and “Inner Bitch”.

You won’t be disappointed by the insight Bronwen shares with us, including how to eliminate mental chatter, to take responsibility for our choices, and to cultivate simplicity.

Enjoy the conversation with Bronwen. And don’t forget: Show your greatness, embrace your greatness, be okay with being great!

Love You Live You,