Several months prior to the Covid-19 pandemic my romantic relationship ended.  For 3 1/2 months I have been adhering to the “Safer at Home” orders, alone.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I have experienced a gamut of emotions, There have been moments of depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, contentment, and peace. I even considered going back to an unhealthy relationship just to have company and not be alone.  There were moments that I felt sorry for myself as everyone I know was sheltered in place with others.  “You just don’t understand,” I would say to my friends and family. “At least you have someone with you, to talk to, to touch, to help with the dinner and dishes”

Then one night I had a zoom happy hour with two of my married girlfriends. They expressed to me the challenges of being under the same roof day in and day out, for months.  Their marriages were suffering.  They were “sick and tired” of being around their significant others.  In fact, everything about “Him” annoyed them. They were questioning the sustainability of their marriages of over 25 years. Wow, I never thought about the strain this pandemic has placed on relationships. Maybe being single during this pandemic has some positive aspects. In reality, I have found many positives,  For instance, working on myself and my passions without distractions. What are your thoughts?  Which situation during this pandemic is more desirable, single, or attached?  

For those men and women who are single, are you dating?  What does dating look like going forward?  Will you continue to participate in online dating, meeting up with strangers?  If the answer is yes, will you wear a mask? Remember that saying, when you have sexual intercourse with someone you are sleeping with everyone they have ever been sexually intimate with?  Does this now apply to close contact in general? Please share your thoughts!