There’s something scary about walking into the gym for the first time. It’s even scarier to walk into the gym after a long break or after a life-changing event.  I know how intimidating and demoralizing it was for me to work out after a surgery that drastically changed my physical abilities.

My guest on this week’s podcast is Lya Straughn–nutritionist, weight lifting coach, and personal trainer for folks of all ages and walks of life. Lya is an expert on the host of difficult emotions attached to working out. In fact, this is what drew her to coaching — which she’s been doing for 10 years now!

Lya’s goal is to help women feel strong and confident when they enter the gym. She firmly believes that the gym should not just be a place for women to feel safe, but it’s a place where they can go to build up their mental health and physical health. Not to mention–a place where women can go to laugh with each other and empower each other.

Even I walked away from this podcast conversation feeling totally motivated to believe in myself. This is one of Lya’s core messages in her coaching. She and I also discuss the importance of physical fitness for mental and emotional health. In fact, Lya helps us all remember that we can better be there for each other when we feel amazing!

I hope you listen in on the video podcast to be nourished by a key theme in the conversation: women building up women. Lya and I both share a vision for the future: a community of happy, healthy women who support and encourage each other. We both want to create a future for our daughters full of self-love.

Psych yourself up with this totally motivational conversation, and enjoy Lya’s inspiration that follows. I know I did!

Love You Live You,