In this kick-off episode of the Love You Live You video podcast, Dylan Slattery graces our listeners with words of wisdom. Dylan is a baseball coach with a unique life story. In this conversation, he shares about the tools and perceptions he’s developed after surviving and thriving through astounding life events: from two cancer diagnoses to the trauma of losing a close friend at a young age.

Paired with his high-performance coaching, Dylan’s motivational mindset is truly inspirational. He and I discussed the beautiful upside of adversity: it is through life’s trials and tribulations that we have the opportunity to see what we truly value. It is through adversity that we learn that we don’t need to settle!

Dylan and I ask big questions, including “What is failure?” and “What can I control?” He shares his experience around the art of lovingly letting go of harmful people, as well as how to succeed by failing.

Grab a pen and take notes – you won’t want to miss this interview! Enjoy the conversation and get some tips on how to become your own champion with a motivational mindset.

I learned so much from Dylan – I hope you do, too!

Love You Live You,